Friday, 28 November 2014

Athikaramm 92 - Hot movie Tamil Cinema

this movie shows a dark man with chandan in his fore head for fun and shows him as a fit for nothing or no good why ? why is the girl with lighter skin and money portrayed all good. Racism at it peak in india people dodge this by saying oh its just a joke . I have been seeing such jokes for past 40 years...enough is enough....why cant a villager be shown with is good character or a dark man as normal why portray him like a fool and make others believe these people are fools...and can be made fun of... Tamil Cinema | Athikaram 92 Full Length Movie
Starring: Rathis Vardhan, Rajkumar, Kirthika, Alwa Vasu, Bonda Mani, Shankar etc. wacht here

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